Tatiana Londono

As the founder and CEO of Londono Realty Group Inc, Tatiana Londono is at the helm of one of Montreal’s largest residential brokerage firms, with three offices in Montreal, the West Island, and Miami. In addition to her successful real estate career, Tatiana is also the star of the hit HGTV show “The Property Shop,” which has aired for three seasons and is syndicated around the world.

Looking to take her personal brand to the next level, Tatiana teamed up with the LUXY MEDIA team to boost her social media presence. We provided social media consultation, content creation services, and helped manage Tatiana’s influencer brand deals. The results were impressive: our efforts helped Tatiana’s Tik Tok account grow to over 1 million followers in just under six months, making her the fastest growing realtor on the app and boosting her number of brand deals and organic lead generation for her real estate business.


  • Social Media Consulting

  • Content Creation

  • Influencer Brand Deal Management


  • 1M TikTok followers
  • 200%+ social media followers’ growth in first 60 days
  • Fastest growing realtor on TikTok
  • Recurring brand deals and negotiations