Simplissimo X OD

Luxy Media partnered with Simplissimmo and Occupation Double to create a collaborative brand sponsorship and cross promotion campaign. Our focus was on online advertising, influencer events, giveaways, and social media marketing to increase awareness and promote both companies. Simplissimmo is a leading property management company in Montreal, while Occupation Double is the most popular reality show in Quebec, featuring singles searching for love.

Thanks to our efforts, we saw a significant increase in engagement and website traffic within the first 30 days. Our work was featured online and broadcast on TV throughout the show’s series province-wide.


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Experimental Marketing

  • Event Coverage

  • Content Creation


  • 500% growth in social media reach and engagement within 30 days
  • Successful brand collaborations and giveaways
  • Client sponsorship deals and provincial-wide campaigns
  • Content used as advertisement on Quebec’s most popular broadcast TVA.