Parliament of Canada

Luxy Media has been selected by the Parliament of Canada for five consecutive years to manage their social media campaigns for the winter/fall season. As the federal legislature of Canada, the Parliament of Canada is based at Parliament Hill in Ottawa and consists of three parts: the Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Commons.

Our goal was to create a comprehensive marketing and creative plan for various activations, including the recruitment of parliamentary guides, and to increase the Parliament’s audience on major social media platforms. To enhance their communication strategy, we provided the Parliament of Canada with a variety of services and tools, including digital marketing strategy, paid media, and graphic design. These efforts resulted in a significant increase in social media reach and following, a 35% increase in the Parliament guide application campaign, over a million views on YouTube video campaigns, and a 500% increase in YouTube followers.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy (SEM & SMM)

  • Paid Media

  • Graphic Design


  • Significant growth in social media reach and following
  • 35% increase in Parliament guide applications
  • 500% growth in YouTube followers
  • Over 1 million views on YouTube video campaigns