Les Centres Mashliah

Les Centres Masliah, consisting of 18 reputable clinics throughout Quebec, has used its expertise to enhance the hearing of over 100,000 patients with a passion for the profession spanning 30 years.

When seeking to revamp their online presence, they enlisted the help of Luxy Media. Our team was tasked with creating a clear and measurable marketing plan to increase online lead generation for the group. This included revamping the website, creating dedicated landing pages, and implementing search engine marketing and paid ad campaigns through Google and Facebook. These efforts resulted in a significant increase in lead generation and the implementation of hyper-targeted campaigns for each of the 18 centers. Our main focus was on achieving measurable marketing results, and we were successful in doing so.


  • Website revamp

  • Landing page design

  • SMM & SEM

  • Lead generation

  • Web maintenance


  • Significant increase in web traffic and online engagement
  • Viral Instagram campaign 4.5M views
  • Social media and search engine campaigns are the main source of leads
  • Revamp of website with multiple location page and dedicated landing pages
  • Management of 19 centers across Quebec
  • Recruitment campaign implementation